Demons are the only enemy in the game. When they notice the player, they will go into a split second of shock when the demon cannot move. When the demon recovers from shock, the demon will charge and attack the player. When the player is being attacked by a demon, the player's health will drain progressively. Small groups of Demons alone are not very powerful, and rely on spawning in Large groups in order to do significant damage to the player.


While passive, a demon will usually walk from one side of a platform to the other, occasionally jumping small gaps in between platforms. Once provoked, a demon will go into shock and charge the player, jumping gaps and falling off ledges to get to the player and attack him.


A demon will only notice a player if the player is in the line of sight of a demon, or the player attacks the demon, done either by doing damage or shooting just above the head of a demon. Demons will go into a split second shock before attacking the player.